Publication History



The Pure Land, Finishing Line Press 2019

Memories Lost, Wordrunner Press 2016

Swimming With Words, Flutter Press 2016
Longwood Poems, 2014
Colors of the Mind, novel, 2013
What Lies Ahead, poems, Flutter Press, 2013
Afterlife and Other Stories, XLibris, 2008
Threshold: Poems, Wordrunner Chapbooks, 2002


Pandemic, North of Oxford, Spring 2020

Path to Wellness, Buddhist Poetry Review, Spring 2020

Night Sky, Broadkill Review Jan/Feb. 2020

Rorschach, Art Through the Eyes of Mad Poets 2019

Demons, Art Through the Eyes of Madk Poets 2019

New Hampshire Lakeside (Lake Winnipessaukee), Slab. April 2019, Contest Finalist

The Craftsman, Slab, April 2019, Contest Finalist.

Early Spring, The Swarthmorean, April 5, 2019

Sunset Beach, The Swarthmorean, April 5, 2019

Honesty, The Swarthmorean, April 5, 2019

Evening at Home, The Swarthmorean, April 5, 2019

Feral Female, A Tribute to Eileen D'Angelo 2018
Ten Haikus, Philladelphia Says Haiku 2018

Daydream, Eskimo Pi, July 2018

Alchemy, Piker Press, June 2018

Over the Phone, Piker Press, May 2018

In Hart's Tavern, Piker Press April 2018

Some Poems, Poetry Ink April 2018

Phantoms, The Quiet Letter, June 2017

Service (When Nothing Happens), The Quiet Letter, June 2017

Demons, North of Oxford, May 2017

Loss, Eunoia Review, April 2017

Shrine, Eunoia Review, April 2017

The Pure Land, Young Ravens Literary Review, Summer 2017

Letter to a Buddhist Monk's Mother, Young Ravens Literary Review, Summer 2017
In a Supermarket Parking Lot, PhillyLovesPoetry, 2015
Pushing, Mad Poets Review, 2015 (Honorable Mention in the MPR contest)
Agnostic's Creed, Mystic Nebula, Summer 2015
21-18, Eunoia Review, March 2015
Rabbits, Literary Yard, February 2015
God of My Mother, Literary Yard, February 2015
Onion, Ghost House Review, Winter 2014
Sort of Autumn, Calliope, Fall 2014
Waiting for Rain, Calliope, Summer 2014
An Afternoon on My Own, Calliope, Winter 2014
Philosophies, Rathalla, 2013
Doing Nothing, The Buddhist Poetry Review, Winter 2012
Meditation on Buddhist Thought, Buddhist Poetry Review, June 2011
To A Life Unlived, The Cherry Blossom Review, August 2010
Gross Anatomy, The Cherry Blossom Review, August 2010
Perfect Ambition (revised), Hudson View, Summer 2010
Meditation, Skyline Magazine, Spring 2009
Sweet, Mad Poets Review, 2008
Phantom Call, Calliope, Spring 2008
At the Piano, Calliope, Spring 2008
Impression, Art Blooms, 2008
Gone, Mad Poets Review, 2007
Collection, Pennsylvania Poetry Society Contest (First Honorable Mention Category 8), 2007
The Race, Wall of Words, Cheltenham Arts Center, 2007
Black Powder, Stowe Gallery Arts & Literary Review, 2006
From Memory, KuPoZine, 2006
Phantom Limb, KuPoZine, 2006
Eddie, Flutter, 2006
Charm Bracelet, Flutter, 2006
Katherine New York 2006, Flutter, 2006
Lara’s Theme, Art Blooms,, Spring 2006
Last Lament, Mad Poets Review (Eight Place in, 2006 Contest), 2006
A Time of Peace, Mad Poets Review, 2006
A Time of Peace, Lowe’s Prose & Poetics, Fall 2005
Photograph, Lowe’s Prose & Poetics, Fall 2005
Emotional Eunuch, Lowe’s Prose & Poetics, Fall 2005
Pearls, Lowe’s Prose & Poetics, Fall 2005
Enchanted Stew, Lowe’s Prose & Poetics, Fall 2005
Upon Making the Acquaintance of Death, Plum Biscuit, Spring 2005
Sunday Afternoon, Art Blooms, Spring 2005
Promises, Poetry Lane Magazine, Spring 2005
Saturday Night, Poetry Lane Magazine, Spring 2005
Home, Mad Poets Review, 2005
The Scientist, Poems for All, 2003
The Moon at Midnight, Poetic Voices, 2003
Night Owl, Skyline Magazine, 2003
Mutation, Skyline Magazine, 2003
Healing, Transcendent Visions, 2003
Reminiscence, The Poetic Pen, 2003
The Mission, Awakenings Review, 2002
Perfect Energy, Awakenings Review, 2002
When All Things Are Possible, Transcendent Visions, 2002
Haikus, Mad Poets Review, 2002
Tranquility, Mad Poets Review, 2002
The Gambler, Hinge, Spring 2002
Dreams of Isolation, Mad Poets Review (Honorable Mention), 2001
Affliction, Mad Poets Review, 2000
Song of Life, Defying Gravity, 2000
Identity, Taproot, 2000
Perfect Ambition, Inditer, 1999
Growth, Witness to the Spirit, 1999
A Writer’s Prayer, Pennsylvania Poetry Society, 1999
Scar, Emotions Magazine (First Prize Winner), 1999
For Matt When Leaving for Chicago, Mad Poets Review (Third Prize Winner), 1999

Short Fiction

Mainstream, Calliope, Spring 2013
Feathers, Calliope (finalist in 2011 short story contest)
Afterlife, Wordgathering Winter 2010
Fireflies, Literary House Review, 2010
Draw Me A Picture, Calliope, Summer 2010
In the Beginning, Calliope, Spring 2009
Unfinished Business, Inditer, 2001
The Beggar, Iowa Organization for the Writing Arts (Honorable Mention), 1999
In Memoriam, Inditer, 1999
Letter From a Laundromat, Recursive Angel, 1998


What to do When You Object to Reality, Crazed Nation, 2003