Books in Print

The Pure Land


The Pure Land is a collection of poems that explore everything from the joy of driving on spring day to the contemplation of death. A Buddhist theme runs through out the book.

Memories Lost


 Memories Lost by Ed Krizek 2016 is a  collection of moving, poignant and exciting short stories set mainly in  urban areas. The stories were written to illustrate different view-points on life’s vagaries. Anyone who has experienced the magic and heartbreak of living with hope in desperate times will find these  stories appealing. Available through Amazon. 

Swimming With Words


 Swimming With Words, poems by Ed Krizek,  Flutter Press 2016 available through Amazon. Swimming With Words, has  an eclectic theme focusing mainly on thoughts about the world as well as  life events. The title poem, "Swimming With Words" came into being as a  result of my experiences in competitive swimming and moves along into various areas of life.

Colors of the Mind


 Colors of the Mind, a novel by Ed Krizek, 2013,  available through Amazon. Colors of the Mind is the story of a young man trying to find direction and meaning. Set in the Philadelphia, PA area the book chronicles the experiences of Bob Jones who finds he has  the ability to see auras around people. Bob looks for answers in the  paranormal phenomena he experiences and finds meaning and love. The book  is fast paced, holding the reader’s attention from beginning to end. 

Longwood Poems


 Longwood Poems by Ed Krizek 2014, available  through Amazon. This book is a collection of poems based on the  experience of Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. 

What Lies Ahead


 What Lies Ahead: Poems by Ed Krizek,
Flutter  Press, 2013, available through Lulu. What Lies Ahead is a collection of  reflections on living in the world and the events which influence who  we are and what we become. The collection incorporates past and present  events and gives them voice. The uncertainty with which we live as well  as the paths that have been abandoned and pursued are highlighted in  these poems.